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Appointment and Resignation of Public Servant

LIST OF FAQs Found by Public Awareness Related to APPOINTMENT AND DESIGNATION


1. Can a civil servant who has been terminated or removed from work again?

Civil servants who have been terminated from the public service or dismissed may not be re-elected into the public service except with the special permission of the commission.


2. How long does it take to newly appointed officers into the service to declare their property?

Newly appointed officers in the civil service shall make a property declaration after reporting and submitted to the Head of Department not later than thirty (30) days after the date of reporting.


3. If civil servants want to resign, how long does the notice need to be issued?

Subject to rule 56, a civil servant wishing to resign must submit a written notice:


1. For appointed officers on a regular basis
30 days before the resignation takes effect or a month's salary in lieu of notice.

2. For appointed officers other than regular appointments
It follows the appointment of the officer or if the period is not provided for the terms of his appointment, 30 days before the resignation takes effect or a month's salary in lieu of notice.

4. When will the permanent staffing need to fill in e-vetting or qualify for service verification for the job verification process?

Public officials are eligible to be certified in service after:

Successfully undergo a probation period of 1-3 years
Coming to the General and Special Induction Course successfully
Passed the specified service exam
Get support from Head of Department.

* e-Vetting is a security screening form that can now be filed online through the system for job verification process within 3 years of service.

Updated:: 11/10/2017 [syazaliyana]