System Application managed by the Registry Office for UPM staff usage:

  • Online Punch-in- e-Perakam
  • Leave Application System  - e-Cuti
  • Training Management System - e-LATIHAN
  • Non-Academic Performance Evaluation System - e-LPPTNA
  • Academic Performance Evaluation System - e-LPPT
  • Implementer Performance Evaluation System - e-LPPT_Pelaksana
  • The Annual Performance Evaluation Report - Putra Prestasi
  • Promotion Application System - SNP
  • Panel Clinic Performance Assessment - PPKP
  • Human Resource Information Management System - e-IHRAMS
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey System Registrar Office - SKKP


Facility thats is provided by Registrar Office.

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Bintulu - Human Resource and Management Division of the Registrar's Office, UPM has held a special session to discuss on human resource issues at Bintulu Campus. The session was held on January 23 and January 24, 2019. Discussion session were attended by representatives of the Association of Empowerment, the Administrators Association and the bintulu campus human resource administrator.
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