Safeguarding The Forests Through Reduced Impact Logging (RIL)

With the passing of time and in the face of modernization and development, people often overlook the importance of the environment in which we live.

Memahami situasi semasa ‘bencana’ akibat ‘wabak’ selsema burung di Kelantan
Cost of Living expected to continue soaring in 2017
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Vice-Chancellor Fellowship Award

Serdang, January 25 - Vice-Chancellor Fellowship Award, 2016 Professional Services Nominations for this year has been open. There are three categories under Professional Management Services Nominations which are Professional Management Academic


Slide of Exit Policy and their implementation guideline can be download in Registrar office website under publication module.

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Majlis Makan Malam dan Gala Raya Pejabat Pendaftar 2017
Ucapan Hari Raya Bersama YBhg. Dato' Pendaftar
Pemenang MGAP 2016
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